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``Hope I Don’t See You For A Long Time``

"Hope I Don't See You for a Long Time"

A Unique and Fun View From “Over-the-Counter” gives you a peek into the art of human interaction through a series of extremely well written vignettes.

Usually when we visit a pharmacy we are looking for help and believe in the science of pharmacy. Randall will show you a rare and revealing view of the human side of pharmacy.

Each story will take you to a place of love, laughter, sadness, trickery and tragedy.

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(Softbound – 93 Pages)
by Randall Wright, RPh


Randall’s newest collection of dynamic stories from his view from “Over-the-Counter” is IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

Randall has developed his stories to a new depth of insight, compassion, and humor. Each vignette will enlighten your senses and keep you reading until the end—and then you will want to read it again and again.

You’ll find intelligence, empathy and the most delightful portrayal of human nature in the stories. They remind me a little of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” They most certainly will touch your soul.

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(Softbound—142 pages)
By Randall Wright, RPh