About Randall Wright Books

Randall Wright Books

Randall Wright Books is an independent publisher created to publish the talents, skills and lessons learned by a very unique group of professionals. The majority of the contributors have worked together for over 20 years. We have learned, taught, and re-learned the many lessons of leadership, communication, and human behavior. We are committed to high quality publications produced by our elite group of professionals.

Some of our products are focused on business and the achievement of success, and some of them will be just for fun…like our first publication, “Hope I Don’t See You for a Long Time”.

Enjoy the stories of “Randall Wright”, a talented pharmacist who is able to see customers/patients in a very heartwarming way. The empathy he is able to express and the obvious knowledge of pharmacy will keep you reading until the end, then you will want more.

Randall is a masterful storyteller, pulling the reader into the daily, ordi- nary and not so ordinary experiences at the pharmacy. His stories mirror the mastery of connecting with individuals in ways that sustain body and spirit. Within these pages you will find the voice of the human side of medical prescriptions. Powerful, engaging! You’ll smile at some, laugh with others!

Ruth Herrman, Siress Speaker/Author Working Woman's Communication