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"Hope I Don't See You for a Long Time"

A Unique and Fun View From “Over-the-Counter” gives you a peek into the art of human interaction through a series of extremely well written vignettes. Usually when we visit a pharmacy we are looking for help and believe in the science of pharmacy.

– by Randall Wright, RPh


Randall’s newest collection of dynamic stories from his view from “over-the-counter” is IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Randall has developed his stories to a new depth of insight, compassion, and humor.

– by Randall Wright, RPh

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Storytelling is part of the fabric of our humanity. Stories create emotion, memories and documents our history.

Randall Wright is also a pharmacist, a business owner, an author, story teller, an international speaker, and has a dynamic personality. He is a keen observer of the world, especially of human nature.

Randall Wright is a master story teller.

Randall Wright will take you on a journey of laughter, deep empathy, tears and a unique view of the world over the pharmacy counter. One of the first reviewers of his books was asked, “Who do you think is the target audience for Randall’s books?” Her reply was, “any one with a heart. His writing will touch your soul.”

Randall Wright Books is an independent publisher designed to enlighten and entertain. If you are looking for a perceptive, enjoyable read…we have it for you. Randall is a Master Story Teller.

Randall Wright Books is an independent publisher created to publish the talents, skills and lessons learned by a very unique group of professionals. The majority of the contributors have worked together for over 20 years.

Words From Friends...

Randall Wright reminds all of us that taking a little time to visit with the customers, patients and friends around us often unearths valuable stories that enrich our lives.

Rose Fitz Wilson R.Ph.

Randall Wright has a gift for insightful anecdotes. He brings wisdom from a career in pharmacy and public speaking to the very human stories he tells. Highly recommended.

Gordon Kelley

His written stories are pictures in time of the life he leads and of the interesting people and happenings he encounters. Stories that allow the reader to experience the author's observations of the people he encounters as a pharmacist in Kansas.

David Fick

“Randall Wright’s humorous telling of heartwarming stories in “It’s Good to See You Again” reminds me of the reason I entered into health care, to care and connect with patients and to listen and try to understand what is important to them.”

Maggi Choplin, RN, COHN-S, Corporate Services Manager Wellness and Medical Services Hallmark Cards

“Randall bypasses the dry science of pharmacy to focus on the humanity of the pharmacist-patient relationship in a series of fun and easy to read vignettes.”

Pam and Chris Bacon